Dumiso is a multidisciplinary professional with a passion for making a meaningful impact within the Global South. Dumiso’s multifaceted career scope includes international development, grass-root level community work, regional non-profit and blue-chip corporate environments. This includes nine industries, governance mechanisms, research and life experience in seven Southern African countries.

Dumiso sits on the Global Board of Green the Gene, a youth environmentalist organisation; Pledger Africa, a South African based non-profit organisation that links professional with social good initiatives and Positive Vibes, an HIV/AIDS organisation working in seventeen African countries. Dumiso strategically serves the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning, African Network of Youth Policy Experts and African Queer Youth Initiative.

Dumiso’s family legacy includes two teachers for parents and a grandmother who worked as a domestic worker. This reflects a dedication for reshaping this family history narrative in a meaningful manner within a challenging socio-economic¬† landscape across all sectors within Sub Saharan Africa. Dumiso is a second year part-time PhD (Law) candidate with two masters degrees and is designated as a Chartered Global Management Accountant.