The importance of belief

I am not one to think of arrogance and confidence as too similar.

The one common the two have is belief.

In whatever light, positive or negative, belief is the one representative of one’s convictions, virtues and aspirations.

This has both worked well for me, and quite bad.

For instance, when I thought that I would be able to loose weight over a sustained period of time, the result was just that – a thought. Not because I did not take action, but because of the fact that I treated it as a thought and not as a belief.

Belief institutes that a certain level of faith has been invested, that I could have also exercised discipline in my eating habits just as I had with gym.

There also is an example of understanding just how well prepared I am for a job posting as I did with PriceWaterhouseCoopers;

There was no advertisement and I did not have the minimum requirements they usually asked for, but I put in an application after having done my research, justified why I would be of use to the organization and left my application to do its job.

I also understood that submission is just the start of the whole process. Realising that you have to prove your capabilities on the 1st, 2nd interviews and still build capacity during probation, I knew that the road wouldn’t end or be easy, but I believed I belonged there, so it my future employer.

The significance of this article is that belief needs faith, just as it does need action.

If I can apply these simple principles in my personal life, imagine what I’d be able to do in my professional life.



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