Motivation, Motivation, Motivation.

In remembering the first time I ever gave a motivational speech to students last year, I remembered one significant thing I advised that I myself still tend to forget today.

When the challenge of whatever task you have grapples you and for a short moment it seems impossible, I tend to let that feeling simmer and almost let it take over. I am constantly reminded about doubts and risk as a default measure of being African. It is a culture I am accustomed to because I know of the value tangible things measure in comparison to the intangible.

Like water with thirst, time with grieving and practice with expertise, there is a need to keep yourself constantly motivated. I am not talking reading about Oprah’s life over again when you’re down, but I’m talking of the very inspiration of waking up, going to work, studying.

The simple discipline of exerting self-developed reasons for doing what you do. It could be simply because you want to get rich. Some might not want to sound so materialistic but reality is, people have different things that fuel their actions and behaviour.

So just think of the proportions in which you as an individual would realise out of your efforts if you were surrounded by positive thoughts, those from the people around you. We need an environment in which possibility and intellect can be merged in such a manner that you’re by default, set to inspire yourself every single day. Since we as humans feed off of each other, imagine a group of friends or colleagues who have the same kinds of thinking. You see it everyday in social, political and leadership circles.

I’d like to start mine today, and the first place I can do so is in my personal capacity with my own mind. Surely someone close to me would be able to feed off of this greatness.

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