A life is lived out of thoughts, choices and paradigms. A journey taken as if its either the last for eternity or one that’s to never end. The conscious decisions we make shape the road we tackle, it is this that we envision as a pathway to greatness, or mere survival.

I have come to understand the role of dreams. The compliment they pay to will power and perseverance. They sometimes die and others defer, a result of life’s realities and challenges. There is no limit to what one can think of, so there should be no limit to what one can do.

If there are ten more years to your life, in this scenario what is there to do? Cry? Sit? Anticipate the date? Or rather fight and redefine the life you’re leaving behind. This is the ultimate consciousness of being. Being a professional, mother, brother or whatever other capacity you as a human are to fulfill. This is the state in which we realise that if we had as many as a thousand dreams to choose from, our nature of being human, in the end would sift through all of them till we found that which we can truly identify with.

This is the point of life, that it can be lived in as true a manner in which only you can. That it can be entrusted by God’s plan for your ‘greater tomorrow’. That it can be lived out from the dreams you rummage through each night. For if one dream is to die, you can always dream another.

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