Lessons of Life

Today’s the day I enter an entirely new era of learning. Having launched my dissertation, I am confused with the person I am today. As much as introspection and reflection is to happen often, one can get carried away with life’s obligations.

I look back at the times when I was confused at the life I wanted to live, confused by the daze of youthfulness and excitement of adolescence. This was all a mirage of uncertainty and a bit of complacency. The one thing that I know that has brought me thus far, amidst all the changes and life curve balls, it was persevering. Simple perseverance.

Fastforward a few years and there are a few lessons I have learned:

1) Its okay to feel good or bad, pause for a moment and get yourself together

2) Its okay to be different, by any measure

3) Its okay to understand yourself even if others cannot

4) Its okay to want everything, reach for the stars and fight for your dreams – even if its not aligned with your employer, friends, teacher or family

5) Its okay to learn and keep learning.

I have also come to the realisation that there will always be a need to improve, a need to evolve and a need to be better. Formal or not, education is a vital element of staying young, innovative and forever growing. I am lucky to have understood this at a younger age, as I do not want to ever question what happened to my life – but rather question how I managed to make life happen like I am now.

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