I made a decision a little while ago, three and a half months later I am yet to realise the dream this decision was made on.

I am often left to think and wonder how it might have turned out to be, if I did what everyone else is doing. I am left to imagine if I would have learned as much as I have if I had not taken any path and stuck to what is normal.

Often, people start businesses as a result of being unemployed or having planned meticulously to a point of perfection but not take the leap until they’re forced to.

I am often left to think about norms, practices and what is supposed to happen as a result of my surroundings. Yet, I have never thought to go back or rethink the path I have taken. I have never thought to relegate my actions and take the road that is considered normal.

I have come to learn that actions will only be understood at a later day, when things go well or bad, but some understanding comes about. Having watched some of Maya Angelou’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter: I was astounded at the lessons I learned in less that 30 minutes.

The value of seeds. The value in which faith is tested by the seeds planted in you as an individual by those older. I have never known that I could be an employer as opposed to an employee until someone planted the seed in me. It was someone that I barely interacted with, that saw the qualities that have failed to be visible to those closest to me.

I have no pains to keep or embarrassing moments to treasure, but I understand that struggle and perseverance are paramount lessons I have to endure.

Of all shows, books and articles I have gone through, the one lesson that is hard to learn is that of patience. Patience is a friend even though it seems a foe, it is a confidence that builds as if it awaits the right moment for you to step up. I am glad that I have learned so much at a young age, for it is difficult to have a new dream when another dies. It is difficult to build yourself when surroundings and circumstance are not willing.

I am glad to have learned for it means that I can keep trying. That I can continue to fight the world that thinks of me as unworthy or ineligible. I can continue to better myself and learn to do without rather than with. I can continue to strengthen myself for a greater challenge, for it is the same world that I intend to conquer.

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