Leader, Pioneer or Catalyst?

Exam time is here for many scholars, professional and academic development institutions have began their cycles and I have come to understand the power of the mind.


This is the source of motivation, drive and the will to do better. There are many factors that play into our daily lives and it is the discipline of managing the challenges we face, against the prospect of a better future.


Many leaders have spoken about the importance of education, even those who didn’t need it to become successful. It is the one thing you can have that no one can take away from you, inclusive of dignity and your support structure. Education forms a basis for critical thinking, crafting the kind of life you want to aspire to. It provides the discipline of personal commitment and skill to understand that it is everywhere, through life experiences, working, failures and personal trauma; the use of it is utmost important.





I emphasise on the negative as it seems to consume our daily programming, from the moment you read the news, analyse a report or get feedback from your subordinates, its in human nature that we focus on the negative. It is normal to wallow in self-pity, cry from feeling rejected and want to give up when the world you’ve been building crumbles. BUT. That learning, that information you have gained, is immeasurable, inimitable and can strengthen your future attempts.





Are you a leader, pioneer or catalyst in the making? It’s best to start acting, thinking and speaking like it now, whilst you have the chance to build up to it. As some say, luck is only the opportunity you prepared for.

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