Life. Curiosity.

Life works in the most mysterious of ways.

A bit too often, you can be disappointed and discouraged.

Once you learn that you have no control over what other people think, do and what you are subjected to, life becomes a little easier.

This only creates a sense of urgency…




That the time you have left, be it a few decades or less, is left to your mind.

That the efforts and will power entrenched in your sense of being, is left to your control.

That there is so much more to life, than achieving something or earning loads of money.

This is the aspect that keeps one alive, the aspect of curiosity.



There is no greater path you can take than that which questions the status quo,

be it a product delivery, types of service, a clause in a contract, a limitation in the law…

These are the barriers in which great minds, effort and people have invested their purpose in.

These are the barriers which resulted in changed industries, legal systems and nations…


I wake up everyday knowing that there’ll never be a limit to what I can learn,

This does not discourage me, but rather makes me live out my day to the challenge.

This has resulted in an immeasurable opportunity that I can only be grateful for.

The uncertainty and excitement remind me of how glorious it is to live with passion and an innate intention to become a better human being.



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