Moment of Thought

I have come to learn of how powerful an environment that is constantly challenging is. To learn of what is possible when you’re uncomfortable and against the odds. That is where real learning lies, where one can truly explore their talents and the gifts they don’t normally use when they’re comfortable.


I have seen the price of mistakes, the cost of failures and even that of disappointment. This does not mean I am not able to pick myself up from the pity/pain/misery and start the learning process again. We have had many examples in history teach us the art of leadership, perseverance and wisdom – but through all inspirational lives, there is a common aspect of kindness.


The kindness afforded by the opportunity to shine. The opportunity to truly explore and think out of the context you’re in. Not only does this benefit your development, but it brings value to any team dynamic. Where a different perspective lends challenge to the status quo, or redefines the way work has been executed. I have learned that being young and different, is the best asset one can have in this challenging world. Be it in the work place, in human rights issues, health factors and even at home. You live through the challenges of circumstance, grow through the strengths of opportunity and manage to change your surroundings because of who you are.


Take initiative, be bold and learn consistently. This is how I remind myself to be a success in all aspects of my life. It might not show or be any other individual’s measure – but the few who God puts in my path, certainly know the power of investing in “young & different”.

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