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You, You, You


Today’s the first day of work in 2015.
Today’s the day YOU mark yourself for greater beginnings.
Today is the day that you drive yourself towards the long lost dreams, towards the lagging ideas and forgotten hope.

Today you have the chance to invest 10 minutes or 1 hour on that dream you have. To invest the time until it is a habit.
To invest the time you create till you succeed and achieve, until you attain the strength to endure and execute.

Others may be more wealthy, more intelligent, more qualified but no one can overwork you. No one can work as hard as you can, the only way that you can. This is the key to realising you dreams, to exploring your ideas and spreading your wings. Create the time, invest in yourself and put in the work.

Letter to Myself

A few days ago, I decided to write to myself. Its proved to be the best preparation for the new year.

Dear Dumi in 2015,

This letter is a start towards a great journey. A journey limited to twelve months, to take rapport, reflect and reassess where you are in a time to come. My future friend, I trust that you have come to the point of confidence and satisfaction in yourself. I have laid the foundations and hope that as time moves on, you have a better understanding of yourself. Uncover the many dreams you have dreamed, the hundreds of ideas you have let away in the midst of life. These are your soul and source of inspiration. These are the hopes within which your life is to be defined in times to come.

There will be times of hardship and challenge, as you have experienced. There will be moments that will redefine your future self, as I have done in the twelve months past. Your mission my friend, is one bestowed upon you by God. Your mission my friend, is to take the dreams, talents and gifts together for greatness. Your mission is to ensure that all these factors of success, are articulate despite the circumstances, many failures to come or what others might envision for you.

The lessons learned have proved that it is okay to let others down and not live up to expectations. It is okay to prioritise and focus on your mission. That it is okay to be human, to take a rest and pause in the battle of life. Remember to rediscover yourself, remember to work on yourself – even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. Do not just go to work – work on the dreams, the talents and the gifts with which you strive to change your surroundings. Work on the hope to better change the world through better changing yourself. Having learned to make decisions and execute growth with no guilt, doubt or remorse, to do what is the best that you can, this is the journey to continue in the time to come.

No one can take away your mission from you, no one can take a dream, talent or gift from your soul. You must consciously talk to yourself; sometimes the only good things you will hear about you and the things that you say to you. Never live in quiet desperation and never be scared. You must be resilient and you must take pride in those around you. Anything can happen to interrupt your journey; “Nothing is neither good or bad but thinking makes it so” William Shakespear. 

Change your ways, never give up, never give in. Accept yourself beyond your fears. Accept yourself beyond your limitations. The journey is not over. You can get knocked out of the field of life, as a spectator or as a player, but this should not be the end. You have gone through it before and let me be the reminder when you might be in doubt. You have never been afraid to fail, you have never been afraid of making a decision, you have never been afraid to work hard. This is your journey my friend, one of might, courage and greatness. 

Patience, Persistence and Positivity. 
These are the keys to delivering your mission. 
My dear friend, live now. 
You are blessed and highly favoured. 
Believe that this is you. 
You are the one. 
You are the shinning star. 
A shinning star you are. 
Dumi, the shinning star.

Warm Regards,

Dumi in 2014

A New Year

Looking at the past 12 months, one can certainly believe that there are moments to be proud of, paths to be less enthusiastic about and choices in which experience would have proved helpful. I am glad to have seen and gone through much change, challenge and growth as this makes one truly feel like they have earned a holiday.

Although some aspects of my goals/initiatives were compromised, I find myself astounded at how disciplined I had to be in prioritising where my energies were most needed. I feel comfortable enough, after having reflected and achieved a few milestones, to pick up where I have left off and maintain the passion I still possess.

A journey of leadership and self-development is certainly interesting; I have learned to say no, learned to give in to the universe when all else has failed, come to understand the power of being alone in a journey of success. I believe the greatness in all of us is yet to be realised, this is the hope that keeps one striving for more – to do more and impact more. I believe the best of days are still ahead. In times of sorrow, in times of wanting, in times of rest; that is the moment in which one can be astounded at the past. The fact that you, I and the many of those close to us are still here, means that God has planned for strengthened efforts, joyous celebration and the kind of work that changes lives.

May you be blessed.