A New Year

Looking at the past 12 months, one can certainly believe that there are moments to be proud of, paths to be less enthusiastic about and choices in which experience would have proved helpful. I am glad to have seen and gone through much change, challenge and growth as this makes one truly feel like they have earned a holiday.

Although some aspects of my goals/initiatives were compromised, I find myself astounded at how disciplined I had to be in prioritising where my energies were most needed. I feel comfortable enough, after having reflected and achieved a few milestones, to pick up where I have left off and maintain the passion I still possess.

A journey of leadership and self-development is certainly interesting; I have learned to say no, learned to give in to the universe when all else has failed, come to understand the power of being alone in a journey of success. I believe the greatness in all of us is yet to be realised, this is the hope that keeps one striving for more – to do more and impact more. I believe the best of days are still ahead. In times of sorrow, in times of wanting, in times of rest; that is the moment in which one can be astounded at the past. The fact that you, I and the many of those close to us are still here, means that God has planned for strengthened efforts, joyous celebration and the kind of work that changes lives.

May you be blessed.


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