Young African

Africa’s challenge is not being able to tell a good story. An integrated, regionally aligned will of African leaders is greatly lacking in sharing our good story. The differences in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa have been embedded religiously and culturally, impeding the possibility of enhances intra-continental trade, peace, security and sharing of common interest. Likewise, the 60% population of Sub-Saharan Africa is comprised of youth riddled with unemployment, the subject of inequality in economic growth and a mirage of challenges affected by education or the lack thereof.  As a millennial, I have come to understand the importance that young people play in the future of their nation and continent. As a result, I have always strived to ensure that I work towards my dreams with the consideration of those around me.


This is the new requirement for doing business, likewise for contributing towards something bigger than yourself, be it as an entrepreneur, employee, community leader or otherwise. No more, are citizens expected to be one dimensional with the challenges of today. No more, is one merely expected to be qualified, but also skilled. This new era of being dynamic creates greatness. The greatness of being a conscious change agent or thought leader. As a result, I have come to learn of the importance of being a change agent and linking the different dynamics that affect Africans through solutions building. I would like to be a part of the success generation that moves Africa beyond its challenges, and believe that collaboration and gratitude amongst us as Africans, is the key to greatness.


Whilst there are significant differences amongst countries, the challenges faced in a variation of an emerging economy or least developed country provide a huge platform of learning. This is the platform in which young people need not see it as challenge, but as an opportunity to build a greater legacy for Africa. A legacy for transparency, social responsibility and ubuntu.  The learning environment is increasingly being driven by ICT and the sophistication of doing business locally and regionally. The growth of businesses and returns for listed companies has tripled in the last decades for companies listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Botswana Stock Exchange, resembling a distant past for other nations such as USA and the UK. I believe that Africa is rising and the ability to meet the demands of different stakeholders, inclusive of the communities in which organisations operate, is key to its development, growth and providing solutions for the challenges it faces.

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