A Few Key Lessons I Am Yet To Conquer

Learning is a continuous journey. Relearning and Unlearning are concepts one discovers through leadership. Although the best lessons we learn from are usually under high pressure, challenge or uncertainty, the results far outweigh the feelings and self-pity we go through during those trying times. I implore any person willing to realise their dreams to step up to the challenge, and manage to make things happen.


There is no better key to success, than that of action. Laying down the ground work, the milestone achievements towards something bigger and better than you can provide happiness and joy. Normally, great people tell us that this only happens once you’ve gone through too much and that it might be late by then, but who has ever been too old to be successful? or wise? or wealthy? Life is more than just setting goals and achieving them, but its about change and experience in such a manner that uplifts one’s soul. This might be selfish, but the impact of one person’s light can inspire that of many others as has been done in the past.


The best part about life is being able to create something, in part or wholly. Ultimately, the days you live out are the small successes you can mark within as a testament of your abilities. If your life’s purpose isn’t what you’re doing daily, then there is a serious problem. Imagine working on an idea, dream or concept for a mere 10 mins a day, this becomes 10 hours in 2 months. 10 hours than can determine the path you’re to take in a year’s time. This concept of investing however amount of time you can to create your idea/dream/concept, shall accelerate your position from what you’re doing for the sake of doing (or having a job/paying bills) to what you’d like to do (your life’s purpose). This is key to ensuring that you realise your worth and purpose. You have the power to determine how long it shall take, be it a year, decade or lifetime.


Success, is ultimately defined by the little steps and choices we make daily. It can out of both passion and what you might not desire but are good at. This is what defines a person, the person you’re becoming. I have observed the power of a benefit of a doubt, where one can redefine the path that has been chosen for them or that they ended up in, to ultimately becoming great. Success is a journey fulfilled along the way and once you know of this, there is no telling how powerful you can ultimately be until you reach so…


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