Monthly Archives: July 2015

today, now.

There is something intriguing about an opportunity or offer that comes about at moments of transition, be it personal, professional or in your surroundings. These are the times when the choices you make define the path that could change the lives of many, provide emancipation for oneself or possibly be a breakthrough for success. As any other young person, I have come across a few of these both in moments of stability and transition. It is in these moments that we ultimately determine how far in risk we’re willing to invest (psychologically, in effort or financially) and possibly even learn. In view of the most recent opportunity presented to me, I unexpectedly found myself reviewing the kind of life I have lead, the kind in which I would like to lead and who I would like to become. This, I had never done before and as a result of being outside the context of my normal day to day activities at a later stage of the process, I found myself with clarity in the person I would like to become – albeit having reservations like any normal professional in moments that can change life as I know it. I explored all possibilities, the scenarios played out in my mind whilst juggling the concepts of loyalty, change and development. This was an entirely new approach to my journey, highlighting the disposition of confidence in skill, consciousness of needs and acknowledgement of the value my gifts and talent possess in various capacities. This was a moment in which I was no longer the fresh graduate with many interests, but a learned leader with great ambition.


As is the case with one’s happiness or perception of life; so is the case of the power to determine the paths in which we’d like to take. In retrospect, I have observed the following lessons with regards to becoming one’s true self:

1) No one can determine the way your dreams are shaped, formed or lived out other than yourself

2) You may fall down all the time; but if you can always look up, you can always get up and if you can always get up, you can never give up

3) Love, is the ultimate sacrifice in which we grant service; doing the kind of work that is gratifying to one’s passion and building of others, the kind of work that is of social good and the kind of work that is of justice to your story – be it family, culture, friends, beneficiaries or your community

4) You can always learn to love what you might not have had the chance to. As a virtue of being human, this is a natural disposition that cannot be taught such as that of Hate or adopted such as that of Procrastination. This is a reflection of understanding the bigger picture and acknowledging that there is always something greater than you.

5) Invest in your future, be it through work, studies or financial instruments. These are some of the most tangible and easy of investments you can make and no opportunity or offer should limit/impede this aspect of development to safeguard your future.

Although you might prepare for the kinds of opportunities that are far and few between, it does not mean all of them are in your best interests. The relationship between you and any other third party should be beneficial in a manner that is ethical, of sound judgement and at minimum, within economic or market factors such as; demand/supply, problems/solutions or provision/need. This is the ultimate equilibrium too few people are said to achieve, where there is no compromise to live the kind of life you were meant to live. This will require saying “No”.


In the end, the only thing you will have to answer to are the gifts, talents and dreams you might have postponed decades into your life, or ignored throughout. These are the only some of the things you’d be reflecting on towards the end of your journey. Ultimately, you are the only one that can use these to an undetermined extent. These are the keys to which a fully lived life is made of. These are a part of the key components to the life you’re to create today, now.


Ask yourself, what kind of life are you creating? today, now.