Highlights & Advocacy

Below is a repository of most advocacy and impact related work from 2015 on wards [and some content from 2013 on wards]:


Blogs/Op-Eds (latest always on top):

  1. Anchor SRHR priorities on community experiences
  2. Redefining Cooperation, Development and Prosperity
  3. Holding space within civil society
  4. Queering Philanthropy and Reflections on following the Money
  5. On Transgender Day of Visibility we should dream big
  6. Reflections on Power from the Bottom
  7. Universal Health Coverage (UHC)
  8. Being intentional in 2020
  9. The need to support young people who stand up for human rights
  10. Youth & Politics: worlds apart in Africa’s success story
  11. Pathways to power: is activism within philanthropy possible?
  12. Networking for Success, Tara Transform interview on fundraising
  13. Reshaping inclusion, depoliticising diversity
  14. Narrow & occupied: views on a shrinking civic space for Amnesty’s #NextStrategy
  15. Interview: Anti-right groups are emerging in reaction to progressive gains
  16. SDGs & Youth in Africa
  17. The Moth Storytelling Training Outcome
  18. Roundtable Dialogue on the margins of the African Commission
  19. Diversity & Inclusion Podcast – join the group!
  20. #ExpectRespect: Reflections on human rights discourse and demands
  21. International Day of the African Child – youth mobilisation and engagement
  22. Human Rights Work – Is It Truly Apolitical?
  23. Reflections from the other side of the world
  24. Botswana’s decriminalisation of same-sex relations safeguards my dignity
  25. Botswana continues to set example in the rule of law for LGBT persons in Africa
  26. Equitable Participation
  27. Engendered Elections
  28. Queer Up and seek justice and protection for all in Botswana
  29. Queer Up: 17 May on election year in Botswana
  30. Queer Up this May; a day against phobias to sexual and gender diversity
  31. Queer up and seek justice and protection for all in Botswana
  32. “Open Up The Space”: A call for inclusivity by CIVICUS Youth
  33. Go There to Come Back: Reflections from Botswana’s CEDAW Review
  34. Leaving No One Behind: Young People’s Participation at UN
  35. Queer’d Up: Leaving No One Behind
  36. Poverty in Activism
  37. Presidential Term Limits
  38. Sustainability of civil society organisations in Botswana
  39. Notes from the Heads of Arguments: Rammoge & others v. Attorney General
  40. Post 2015 Agenda & Young People


  1. UNFPA Global
  2. Mmegi
  3. UNFPA Botswana
  4. Yarona FM
  5. Daily News
  6. CSEM 2030
  7. Giving Tuesday
  8. World Econonic Forum
  9. Gender Links 1 & 2
  10. Joint statement to the Congregation for Catholic Education
  11. #ExpectRespect – what, why, how?
  12. 120under40 nomination
  13. Fortune
  14. World Economic Forum
  15. Gender Links Statement
  16. Headtopics
  17. OpenDemocracy
  18. Peacemaker 360
  19. ACDHRS
  20. El Pais
  21. MPact
  22. MPact 2
  23. IYAFP
  24. Crowd 360
  25. World Youth Movement for Democracy
  26. Culture Unplugged
  27. Global Issues
  28. AllAfrica
  29. SouthSouthNews
  30. Sex Rights Africa Network
  31. Pollination Project
  32. Huffington Post
  33. CIVICUS Goalkeeper Accelerator
  34. Positive Vibes
  35. Hinovelty Anthology
  36. African Activism
  37. Center for Human Rights
  38. Averrtenze
  39. Namati
  40. Advocacy Accelerator
  41. SADC Top 100 Youth
  42. Global Challenge Pitch
  43. AQYI
  44. Green the Gene
  45. Africa LGBT
  46. Pledger Africa
  47. AMSHER – Sign-on Statement
  48. Zukus
  49. None on Record
  50. World Economic Forum
  51. Openly & AllAfrica– heavily edited and reframed.

Advocacy work:

Dumiso commenting/speaking/intervening on

Amnesty’s #NextStrategy webinar series on Partnerships & Diversity – interventions here and the subsequent General Assembly talk on Diversity & Equity on here; the HLPF with #NGOSPEAK of th. UN NGO Major Group (July 2019);

Gabz FM on a) Queer Marriage, b) Governance, Gender Link’s Summit, UHAI’s CFCS, June 2019;

at a roundtable on politics in relation to the SDGs; Townhall with the UN Youth Envoy; Multidimensional Poverty Index Launch (clear audio); Nordic Side Event; on the Global Action Plan – video and audio, July 2019 – pic;

on Youth for Democratic Renewal, June 2019; speaking on an Openly podcast (apple, soundcloud & spotify), June 2019; as a CIVICUS webinar panelist in commemoration of 17 MAY IDAHOBIT, Online, May 2019;

speaking at the SRHR Regional Movement Building Forum, Johannesburg, December 2018; making a statement before the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, October 2018. Also, pictures whilst speaking at the Global LGBTIQ+ Network conference.

Dumiso’s journey in human rights work since founding Success Capital Organisation:

Dumiso providing closing remarks at the Rights Work Institute on Human Rights of sexual minorities:

Dumiso providing closing remarks at the Rights Work Institute on SRHR for young girls and women:

Dumiso facilitating a human rights talk on LGBTI rights in South Africa:

Dumiso giving a motivational talk, U.B. Campus:

Dumiso on Passion, Gaborone:

Dumiso gives his opinion, B.A.C. Campus:

Dumiso on Activism, Barcelona:

Dumiso singing at GSY2013, Kuala Lumpur:

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