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Success Capital is a non-governmental grassroots NGO focused on uplifting and strengthening in the talents, gifts and skills of young gender and sexuality diverse individuals. It conducts research on lived experiences, provides human rights trainings and supports variant forms of civic action. It is unique and innovative in leveraging ICT, active research and pedagogical forms of learning geared towards community strengthening.

Success Capital Organisation


Success Capital emerged as a culmination of merging two previous passion projects towards more structured impact making and effecting change on a voluntary basis.

ProjectSuccessBW strived to create a culture for cultivating mentorship, by young people for young people. It was a link between undergraduate scholars/recent graduates and young professionals. Dialogue is used as a measure for learning, inciting ideas and cultivating a new value chain that focuses on the sharing on knowledge. Action, Progress and Innovation all start at a point of Dialogue, and there’s no better measure for the future tomorrow than that of the young minds involved in making a success of themselves today. The Project was currently under a Review & Rebrand in 2015, to better align young people’s efforts as a testament to their diversity, dynamic needs and variant opportunities within the context of development, globalisation and policy making.



PinkAnatomyBW is a social awareness tool for sexual and identity diverse individuals. It aims to create a better understanding within and outside the marginalised populations. This was established acknowledging that society is constructed of different individuals with their own respective talents, attributions and paradigms and that everyone is of value as a sibling, parent, colleague, cousin, neighbour or friend. The project has since stopped and some important aspects have been incorporated in the new strategic direction of Project Success Botswana.




Links to Previous Participation:

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